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    The SEAAIR Executive Committee (SEC) is proud to present the 3rd issue of JIRSEA that is dedicated to The Best Paper presented at the SEAAIR Conference of that year and five "Outstanding Papers" presented at the same conference. It is scheduled to be published for the first time in December 2017.

    The selection of these papers follow a set of objective criteria, approved by SEC and carried out by SEC members present at the conference. Like the other two JIRSEA editions, this third issue will also be SCOPUS indexed and thus rigorously selected and prepared.



    Authors and contributors to the Journal should prepare manuscripts in accordance with these guidelines. These guidelines are designed to standardize the process of preparing the journal for publication. Failure to follow them may result in papers being delayed, and/or rejected.

    JIRSEA considers all manuscripts on the condition that

    1. They are original, have not been submitted for publication nor in press elsewhere, under consideration for publication elsewhere or published already;
    2. They use non-discriminatory language.
    3. If the manuscript is accepted for publication, copyright is transferred to the Journal.


    The Journal for Institutional Research South East Asia (JIRSEA) is expected to be published electronically on a biannual basis. Original research papers dealing with all aspects of institutional research, planning and related issues in tertiary education will be considered.

    All papers undergo two stages of reviews of (a) preliminary review that is aimed at strengthening or addressing missing research components and once it passes this stage, it will be considered for; (b) double blind reviews that is refereed by two independent persons and evaluated according to:

    1. Significance in contributing new knowledge.
    2. Research Technical Quality in-depth adequacy addressing key research components of Literature reviews synthesis & analysis, research model with identified variables/constructs and measures & methodology; statistical analysis & discussions; implications, recommendations & conclusions based on findings and referencing.
    3. Appropriateness for the Journal with Clarity of presentation.


    Please ensure that the preliminary and final submissions following the JIRSEA guidelines in the attached files in terms of (a) paper guidelines; (b) forms and formatting; and (c) citations and referencs. Papers that do not follow the JIRSEA guidelines will not be considered.



    All journal submissions should be made to the following:

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Teay Shawyun, Editor of JIRSEA at jerry182122@yahoo.com